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Against The 'Hero'

Crucify Me

Against The 'Hero'

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Crucify me

Show me something that is real
The way that you will prove to me how you were right
I trust in what my eyes can see but I respect what you believe
I never called you dumb

We have the same God
This won't be different
Remember what you learned
We came from the same place

You say that I'm wrong (that I'm not strong)
You think you are better than me

Judging me, accusing me
Contradicting yourself
Crucifying me
You need to be on your knees
To save your soul

If someday the world gets done as you say
I won’t be waiting

You scream to everyone “save yourself now if you are afraid”

If someday I watch some dead walker on the street
Like a movie
Maybe my way of thinking and all my reasons will fall down that day

Where is hidden the evil? I know where it is
Be what the heart asks for! My goal
Everything that I won
Everything that I know
Building walls using my own hands
Without being afraid of your words

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