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Adramelch tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Different Times Different Places", "Dreams Of A Jester", "Broken History".

112 acessos

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  1. Beloved Jerusalem
  2. Bleeding For Supremacy
  3. Book Of Flesh
  4. Broken History
  5. Cluny Calls
  6. Darts Of Wind
  7. Decay Saver Comes
  8. Declaimed Prelude
  9. Descend To Eternal Torment
  10. Dethroned In Shame
  11. Different Times Different Places
  12. Dreams Of A Jester
  13. Eyes Of Alabaster
  14. Fearful Visions
  15. Halls Of Human Tragedy
  16. Heap Of Bones
  17. I Don't Care About Your Murder
  18. I'll Save The World
  19. Irae Melanox
  20. Slain In The Grace Of Thy Name
  21. Suicide, Terrorize
  22. Ten Wiles
  23. Terror Of Thousand Faces
  24. Was Called Empire
  25. Zephirus

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