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Better than all i feel it
The presence of God inside my heart
There`s a change i see
I lost my fear of walk in shadows
Life War!
I see a name, a hero
The real one that saved my life
You know he`s name is Jesus
But you are aways running away from
His love
Life War!

When the evil comes i clame to save my life
The name of the hero, Lord of heroes Jesus Christ
Son of the man, son of the father of the light
The Adiastasia, perfect Glory of the Lord, prayse the Lord

How can you go in this life, in lies, living in pain?
I know you feel i your heart some one, calling your name

Show you adiastasia
Look to adiastasia
Show you adiastasia
Look to adiastasia

If you`re loosing the life war
I can guide you to victory
I show adiastasia
It`s the way to the victory

When the evil...

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