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Adam Tyler

Ymo (yours, Mine & Ours) - Feat. Fady Maalouf

Adam Tyler

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Fady: I see you've got yourself a new tattoo.
Adam: Uh-huh, and wait, is there some ink on you?
Fady: I met a girl and let her make her mark.
Adam: She did my arm and then she did my heart.

Fady: Now that's a helluva coincidence.
Adam: The girl who did me, man she was intense.
Fady: She couldn't be... I mean, ridonkulous.
Adam: Aw hell, she made a fool of both of us.

Fady: We bought a ticket to
Fady: The same damn show.
Adam: And look at me and you...
Adam: I won't...
Fady: I won't...
Both: We can't let go!

Fady: You say she yours! (BV: Yours! Yours! Yours!)
Adam: I say she mine! (BV: Mine! Mine! Mine!)
Both: It doesn't matter, she's the one with all the power!
Adam: She isn't yours! (BV: Yours! Yours! Yours!)
Fady: She isn't mine! (BV: Mine! Mine! Mine!)
Both: She isn't anybody's someone, no she ours! (rhymes with power)

Both: Yours... mine... ours... (repeat as desired)

Adam: I thought I caught you grinding in a club.
Fady: You didn't... no, you called to interrupt?
Adam: We're even then, you texted Friday night.
Fady: Who knows? It coulda been another guy.

Adam: She wouldn't do that to me, well not twice.
Fady: C'mon, as hot as she is, still she's ice.
Adam: You're lucky that you didn't fall in love.
Fady: So what? I didn't fall because she shoved.

Adam: We bought a ticket to
Adam: The same damn show.
Fady: And look at me and you...
Fady: I won't...
Adam: I won't...
Both: We can't let go!



Fady: She's been with you...
Adam: She's been with you...
Both: And prob'ly him, the odds are, too.
Fady: It isn't fair...
Adam: Yet I don't care...
Both: So what, are we supposed to share?

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