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Acid Drinkers

I Mean Acid, Do Ya Like It?

Acid Drinkers

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It's not true, that I'm a drunkard
Even though mother damned a thousand times,
It's not true, that I'm ungreatful
But I'm not without a blemish too.
It's true, Jim has almost killed me
Even though he wasn't my master
It's true - I'm not afraid of acid
And I'd like everything right now.
Somebody said that I'm a kid
And he was absolutely right
Somebody saw me mixin' "Bloody Titus"
He said, "It's not an attraction."
A drunk lady danced behind me
Naked in my black leather
I Intended to f... her as cold as stone
But I couldn't - I got too much
And it's true, that I'm wicked
Even though they thanked me many times
It's true that I'm a motherf...er
But I don't fell any repulsion to myself
Hey you, don't tell me, don't even try,
That fault is only mine,
And don't damn acid,
It's cheap and it kicks so well
I mean acid! Do you like it?!

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