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Ace Of Hearts

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Blue lines on paper and teardrops on the floor
An open window isolated with curtains waiving

I gave you a taste of eve's apple and I thought that you'd been blessed
Humanity was our garden and we cropped flowers at will
Just when love has healed your wounds
Something woke in you
No passion lasts forever
There's things I can't undo

And in the most selfish way
You decided to leave me
Like daggers cut through heavens
A rain of endless diamonds like teardrops
You cry with eyes sewn shut
These teardrops
We've wasted our best years in this war

Red lines of madness and teardrops on the floor
These words are just filled with madness, no love anymore

You and I, we're orphans of this world
Everyone we loved and everyone we cared about is gone
We've shared this moment when we were just mortal men
Everything I did, I did it for you

I thought living forever was enough...
You rest in darkness...

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