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Ace Combat 4

Blue Skies

Ace Combat 4

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Everyday I wake up unsure
of the tasks the day will bring
Yesterday's disappointments
keep reminding me.
Tomorrows surely coming
just as sure as the air I breathe
But I know I'll get through it
I have what I need...

I have so far to go
And only heaven knows

The sun keeps shining *Everything is bound to change*
And the wind keeps blowing
But the wide blue sky *Wide blue sky always the same*
It forever stays the same
I've been finding
that the choice it will make....

That the wide blue sky
that its never gonna change
*But I have so far to go*
*And only heaven knows*
*Yes I have so far to go*
*Heaven knows*

Not-ah one day goes by
Bring back my blue sky
On which I rely
Theres hope in the wide blue sky

*Wide blue sky*
*Blue skys given me so much hope*- Repeat 8x
*is the chorus/background voice

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