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Do Not Be Afraid


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Moses led his band to the promised land
Everyone was scared that there'd be a fight
So he sent some men to see if they would win
If they tried to challenge the Canaanites
Ten of the men were afraid of that land
Thinking they would be better off dead
Caleb and Joshua had different thoughts
And this is what they said

Do not be afraid, for God is with you
Do not be afraid, declares the Lord
Do not be afraid, for God is with you
And will rescue you forever more

Jeremiah floored himself before the Lord
God had told him that he was set apart
He would be God's hand, a prophet to the land
He should do all that the Lord commands
Jeremiah said "I am only a boy
And I don't even know the right words"
The Lord reached down and touched his mouth
And this is what he heard


I can't see far ahead of me
Dark storms cloud my view
Take courage and you will see
Give it to God and he will rescue you

(Chorus 2x)

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