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I, Hate


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Melancholy Burns
The Ripped Tide of Human Emotion
The Second Algorythm
Of A Soothing Creation
The Heart to bleed the Tears
Shed by the Soul so Mortal

Grim caress of the Void ahead
Blinded by the Present
For a Future remaining Past
Illusion tearing Life apart
Screaming silence into a stirr of Echoes

The logic Key to a Door never sealed
Binary we grow into Desgression
We Render ignorant to rejoin a Past Tomorrow
Swept Away by the river of Tears to Bleed
Fade to Grey
For A Collision of Time Forlorn
Luna was she by Night
Crashed into Stars of Black
Now it's all Gone
All that I create Destruction
All that is Your Fate
All that You were
You will not be
All to Uncreate by Me
I Am Blackness Taken Form
Shapeshifter in a Killing Storm
Formless yet forever Be
I Am Hate
Forever will Be.

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