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Absolute Disgrace


Absolute Disgrace

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Black worms consuming the brain
Revealing the hollow skull
The deformed face
Putrid evil soul
Where fat black worms
Come out of ocular cavity

Internal parts exposed
Liver and intestines splashed on the floor
The black heart still pulsing in his hands
Black worms came out of his lung
Full of fluids,that serves of shelter
To the worms that grows into the Carcass!!!-Carcass!!!

The flesh in decomposition
Gives off a terrible smell
Bringing to the vultures
The hope to feed on

Bones exposed-Lacerated flesh
Hate on-His Soul
Necessity-To feed
On the flesh-Of the living

Solo:"The magnificents sounds of a putrid excretion dropping to head's bore worm"
By Isaac

Fresh,bleeding-Pulse with life
Bringing pain-To the undead
That goes mad-In hate!!!
That goes mad-In hate!!!

Solo:"Bitches running and screaming while the undead eats and tear some vaginal skin"
By Satwan

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