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In My Sleep


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Staying Home with my TV, if you were only here with me, the mornings come and pass by, I see your face remembering why.
Do you still feel the same, do you still feel the same?
Sometimes you'd speak to me so slowly, that I can just hear only, all that I want to hear, youve made it all seem so clear.
If I should just come over would we remain the same? Will it be as forever or are we just insane? Is this just insane?
The day you smiled at me so slowly, I knew that I just might be, in trouble more than ever, please say we"ll stay together.
Ill never let you go...never let you go. Not if you say so.The time and spaces are sifting through pillars, soft remains, and who could help but wonder,tears turned into rain. I often wonder We'll still be the same, We'll still be the same.

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