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Root Of The Mountain


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Stooped now the wraith, more shadow than flesh
Once mighty hews lie sunken in chest
Spectral hoar frost spat on breath
A pulse ebbs, yet, still lord of death
A silent tongue whispers tumours in head
Bending will of wardogs led

To glorious carnage
Armies were fed
Leech to thrombosis
Nations were bled

A world quailed in terror
Stricken with fear
Parents slew children
As juggernaut drew near

Beneath vast crush of crag
Entombed in gut of molten slag
An archon-king cursed to live
As regent in abyss of eldritch necropolis

Stalking caverns
Gargantuan scope
Revenant sits on his throne
Emperor infernal
In city of bone
And shattered stone

At world's edge a mighty range
Cuts through cloud impaling heaven
Follow fissures down - behold
The root of the mountain

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