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If My Hood Could Talk


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No place like home
There's no place like home
There's no place like, (Ravenswood motherfucker)
There's no place like home
No place like home
There's no place lke home
There's no place like, (tap my shoes twice)

If my hood could talk
If my hood could talk
If my hood could talk(she would say)

Nineteen fifty-four, I came in the world
And since my date of birth I've been the same little girl
The double-edged sword, the pain and the pearls
Pops named me Ravenswood I got sisters in every borough
Some of them is pussy most of them is thorough
Queensbride that's my heart she's closest to me (whew!)
Me and Wooodside don't get down like that
Can't even speak to Astoria, she always making stories up
My little nephews out in 40 is warriors
Fresh ass nieces through Cyprus don't call as much
Heard Marcy and Tompkins was warring but
You know how family is, either way I love all of them the same
I should, my bloods thicker than H20
And ain't no water in my vein
Wild as a child did my adolescent thing
But shit really changed when I met that nigga Cane
He was fucking with my brain, licking on my clit
Had a big dick, plus he bought me a chain
I was hooked, then I looked in the mirror
Realized it was real, my whole life down the drain(like)

If my hood could talk
If my hood could talk
If my hood could talk(she would say)
I love to smoke and I love to drink
And yeah! I'm a bitch and fuck what you think
Nigga mind your biz, I do what I want
I am who I am and that's how it is

Crushed all your dreams, birthed your nightmares
Made a 1-3 worth the Nike Airs
Devil in the flesh when church was right there
But you got to love me 'cause you a product of me
I know I got a little temper, but I bathe everyday
Why the white people hiding from me
Housing keep my hair did, I'm over fifty still looking good
But my insides is ugly
Heart made of stone, lungs full of shell cases
How could so many motherfuckers call me home
Colon swollen of broken promises, the codes you supposed to follow is
Written on my skin, along with the cameras that Bloomber put in
'Cause even if you ain't they're assuming is
I ain't all bad though, theres some positive
You'll acquire knowledge you'll never get in no colleges


The Brown family part of the wildest story to date
"The Boss" and the whole city came to the wake
The game ain't the same Snake got 25
And James changed his name, it's a shame (do the math)
The homie Marquise did his thing on the Ave
'Till the reprecussions came for snatching a nigga chain
And Balboa tell you all about pain
He went to grouphome instead of the 7th grade
I take a look at the hustlers that never made it
And think where would I be without my pen and paper
R.I.P. to all the patnas that's slain
Ta lived in my building, O was my man!
And Tone introduced Rome to the cane
The path is set please don't make it memory lane
You know what it's like growing up where I came from
Bunch of future stars that never became none
What's crazy is, you can replace the names I used
And any hood nigga can relate......
Any hood nigga can relate


A. Pinks talking
Dedicated to every housing projects in the world

New York City... we back!

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