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A Pale Horse Named Death

A Pale Horse Named Death tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Die Alone", "Serial Killer", "Heroine Train".

218 acessos

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  1. As Black As My Heart
  2. Bath In My Blood (Schizophrenia In Me)
  3. Cold Dark Mourning
  4. Cracks in the Walls
  5. Day Of The Storm
  6. Dead Of Winter
  7. Devil Came With A Smile
  8. Devil In The Closet
  9. Die Alone
  10. DMSTL
  11. Growing Old
  12. Heroine Train
  13. In The Sleeping Death
  14. Killer By Night
  15. Meet the Wolf
  16. Pill Head
  17. Serial Killer
  18. Shallow Grave
  19. The Needle In You
  20. To Die in Your Arms
  21. When Crows Descend Upon You