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A Mind Confused

Suffer My Deeds

A Mind Confused

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A spark of vile contempt
Ablazed my seething hate
In bloodred flames of hate I burn
Struck numb by frantic wrath
My boiling rage unleashed
In bloodred flames of hate I burn

Vengeance, the taste of pain so sweet
I crave the anguish of your soul
Vengeance, the anger floods my veins
The beast of spiteful rage unfolds

The urge for violence spree
Spawned from my agony
In blinding haze of rage I'm lost
No mercy I will grant
Your feeble life I'll slay
In blinding haze of rage I'm lost

Violence, the blood shall drench my thirst
Extracting pleasure from your pain
Violence, your final breath I'll crave
You'll see me grinning as you die

You will suffer my pain
What you lose I will gain
Crawl, bastard, crawl

Suffer my deeds, bleeding you cry
Suffer my deeds, screaming you die

I rejoice as you cry
Final rush when you die
Die, bastard, die

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