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A Lion Named Roar

You Need a Soul

A Lion Named Roar

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I don't know you anymore,
You done and gone lost your mind.
There ain't nothing you can do,
You and I, we are through,
Pray I don't see him down the line.

When did your heart turn to stone?
I hope you like being alone,
I don't care what you've been through,
There's just some things you don't do.
Pray I don't see him down the line.

And I've been moving on, pressing forwards,
In hopes of forgetting you.

I know you're not too scared cause,
you got the devil on your side.
you take the best laughs up then
you go and walk on out.
Save your charm, those emerald eyes
Over shoulder glances back.
You need a soul to make me even cross your path.

So you keep moving on, pressing forwards.
In spite of what's said and done, yeah.

I can see that you're jaded
Your eyes are much too green for your own good
These walls they hold secrets,
They keep you lying on the floor.

You're helpless, dependent,
You can find someone else to lick your wounds.

-Por Bob Souza-

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