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A La Carte

Viva Torero

A La Carte

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I'm sitting in this place again
Where used to sit many times
And the atmosphere is heavy
When the pecadores arrive
All the people here around me stare
Full of tension down to the ring

Then the Spanish trumpets cut the air
When the man in black comes in
The torero appears in the ring
Ev'rybody's singin'
"Viva viva Torero
Eviva el grande conrida d'Sevilla"

Everybody sing,
"Viva viva Torero
We all here adore you,
You great Spanish hero
Viva viva Torero
Eviva el grande corrida d'Sevilla"

Everybody sing,
"Viva viva Torero
We all here adore you
You great Spanish hero
Que dios te accompane
Take good care, mi amor"

The fight takes all my breath away
There's no more mercy, oh no
Cause both are fighting for their lives
They are strong, wild and proud
Then the last thrust
And the bull breaks down and lies
Broken in the dust and the crowd
Is screaming above,
Ev'rybody's singin'
"Viva viva Torero, viva, viva"
Ev'rybody's singin'
"Viva viva Torero".

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