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A Good Day for Killing

Let's Kill Someone

A Good Day for Killing

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Have you ever hated someone? Has anyone rankled you? Do you want them to die? Do you want to kill them!? Confess that you do, we all doWe want to slaughter somebody who we hate. So why not? Come on killer, just do follow your desire. Don't worry about the law, don't worry about moral. Believe in your bestial instinct. Listen to your inner soul. Pick your weapon and let's kill them all. If you have a gun, don't shoot their heads or trunks, that is simply to die, shoot arms and legs first, and push in the gun into their rectums, then trigger. If you have an axe, mutilate them but don't let them die, decant some saline over their tattered slash. Wait a while before chop apart their bodies. But if you have a knief, dilate their eyes to lance the pupil of the eye. Deface their faces and cut their tongues. After that cut their throats and carve the flesh to pieces. These are just some methods for slaughtering. You should create the crueler methods by yourself. Just remember that, do anyway to kill them slowly and give them an uttermost excruciating torment, torture them until they must cry for death.

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