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A Dead Lament

Empathize This

A Dead Lament

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We presume to be the chosen
ours is the promised land
our hearts are cold and frozen
we just love what we possess

becoming fat becoming old
is what we're afraid of
just a stone's throw away we disregard
those whose greatest joy these fears would be

by now
there is no reason to take care about
why should we?

but aren't we so far away, are we?
let's take control of ourselves
to share a part of our prosperity
let's take control it's in our hands
the standard which we're living in
let's take control let's take command
is far beyond our basic needs
let's take control let's take control

problems that result of wealth
are not a menace for our lives
luck consists of many facets
and I think we'll have to redefine

are we
the bad guys without shame and empathy?
why should we?

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