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A Day At The Fair

No Lights On Weldon

A Day At The Fair

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We made our plans to meet
Tonight under street lights
Of suburban u.s.a. nostalgia
That i keep on playing on the
Mix will play that life made
For you and it's telling me
That we've all found
Something true embedded in
Nights like tonight and we
Move on let's wish on stars
Like we used i'll tell you
How much i have missed you

We're spending all our lives,
Like we did tonight, knowing
We can work this out, there
Are roads and signs, that
Lead us home sometime,
Knowing we will work it, we
Will work it out

We can find where this
Belongs like summer hymns and
Punk rock songs we love the
Outcome of our lonely life
Cause this season holds it's
Heart in hand like allergies
To swollen glands we know
Keep growing on nights like
To night as we move on let's
Drive these roads like we
Used to and pretend that the
Pavement still knows you

We're spending all our lives, like we did tonight, knowing we can work this out, there are roads and signs, that lead us home sometime, knowing we will work it, we will work it out

This is one night, built from our lives, in this town we left to love, this is my life, this is my time, and i'll take you there, i'll take you all back home

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