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A City Static

Easy To Fall In Love

A City Static

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You look like the afternoon
When you wake at six in the morning
Ready righy then, and we're kids again
you look like a sunny day
when i look outside and it's storming.
when you look at me, i blonk so slowly

everything you do
makes it easy to fall in love with you
now, now...
don't give me the runaround
with everything you do
i just can't seem to get over you
Honey, now, now
don't give me the runaround

i love when she writes for me,
and she doesn't even play the piano
she pays it so good
better than i could
our love gets better every day.
with every touch and sound
that your voice makes
how do we get here?
it's better than last year

so tell me now,
tell me how i got so lucky, my dear.


Don't think twice
Don't ask why
we have gotta do
this crazy things sometimes
we'll be fine, just realize
that everything's alright
we are out of our minds


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