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A Canorous Quintet

In The Twilight Of Fear

A Canorous Quintet

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Nothing is what we are
Silence surrounds our presence
No longer can we speak
The days why can't they end ?
A different kind of magic
Controls the few of mortals
Enslaved are all the others
Except the hungry beasts

That will live through
Both dawn and day
Promises of the promised land
Never to be fulfilled

Take us through infinity
Oceans of grey
All life has ceased
Forests of ebony, graveyards to be
No, what has been done
The castles now left in ruins, (left in ruins)

The essence of betrayal
Engulfed in our blood
Sunrise will it ever be
The dawn has come
We are all burned by the flames of life
Still nothing has been done

[rep. verse 1 - 2]

In the twilight of fear

[rep. verse 3 - 5]

In the twilight of fear

[rep. verse 3, 1, 2]

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