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Save Me Now


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Here I Am
In a Place That I Have Never Been
Out of Love
And Afraid That You Won't Let Me in

You Came to Me
And I Started to Feel
That My Senses Had Left Me to Die
Where Is My Strength
When I Need It the Most
Tell Me What You Have Done
With My Mind

Save Me Now
From the Depth of My Infatuation
I Could Drown
In the Sea of Love and Isolation
I'll Take You Down If You Just
Save Me Now

All the Time
That I Gave Away I'll Give It to You
And All the Love
That I Never Made I'll Make It to You

Nothing Could Be More Electric to Me
Than to Give You a Taste
Of the Love That I Hide
But in My Condition I'm Totally Lost
Tell Me What You Have Done With My Pride


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