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Xenomorph tem o estilo Psicodelia e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Dragon's Breath (tradução)", "Abominations", "Dragon's Breath".

91 acessos

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  1. Abominations
  2. Bestia Infernali
  3. Blood of the Stars
  4. Dragon's Breath
  5. Dragon's Breath (tradução)
  6. Inducted Throughout Time
  7. Last Contribution to Art
  8. On the Most Blackened Wings
  9. Once upon Armageddon
  10. Plight Of The Cimmerian
  11. Post-Human (The X-Morph Deathcult)
  12. Storm Innocent Eve
  13. Subspecies
  14. The Keep
  15. Valley Of The Kings
  16. Wehrmacht

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