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Feel Alive


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I'd Like to Walk Beside My Hidden Fear
I'd Like to Gaze Into the Clear
I'd Like to Have My Spirit Unbound and Free Again
I'd Like to Live Without This Constant Pain

Feel Alive

I'd Like to Arch Myself, Shed My Skin
I'd Like to Swallow Life, Drink It In
I'd Like to Taste Colors That Are Deep in View
I'd Like to Dance in Fire With You

Feel Alive

Tempting Spirits, Breeding, Lusting, Thriving
Bodies, Salts and Sins
Sacrificing Chastened Thoughts
While Visions Pass Unto the Wind

Lying, Bathing, Gorging, Tasting, Fever
Blessing Requiem
We're Touching, Touching, We're Touching All Our Sins

Feel Alive

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