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Towards Freedom


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towards freedom

I have so much to say, but I don't know how to start.
we made the promise of conquering the world
I doubt that one day it would happen.

I know that you don't get it, but I need to go.
Freedom will be inside of me when I venture.
Pain is great, I leave my treasure behind.
But there is a promise and a debt.

I see in your eyes, questions that don't keep silent
But I don't have the answers and I need to go.
Your pain is my pain, your fear is my fear.

Don't cry, I'll be always by your side.
In my thoughts I take a bow and I keep you.
The love I carry is greater than all
My joy means the shine in your eyes

Forgive me little son, I will never leave you.
I need to go and show the price of the courage.

Why do you need to go away.
I'm afraid of what can happen,
Your dream is going to take you from me.
Tell me why?You are my hero.

Looking at the vacuum, he saw everything
He followed his destination.
Directly to the eternal promise
with a smile in the lips
son, I want to be your hero
Please, don't judge me.
I need to test my courage and my limits.
It's time to go and to want to come back.
never forget how important it is for me.

My decision isn't about the pride that I have of being you father.
But I need that you feel proud of being my son.
This is my great chance to show you.
That I am much more than what they expect.

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