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Unanimated tem o estilo Heavy Metal e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Die Alone", "Death To Life", "Whispering Shadows".

154 acessos

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  1. Blackness Of The Fallen Star
  2. Cold Northern Breeze
  3. Dead Calm
  4. Dead Skin Mask
  5. Death To Life
  6. Diabolic Voices
  7. Die Alone
  8. Dying Emotions Domain
  9. Enemy Of The Sun
  10. Eye Of The Greyhound
  11. Fire Storm
  12. In The Forest Of The Living Dead
  13. In the Light of Darkness
  14. Life Demise
  15. Mournful Twilight
  16. Oceans Of Time
  17. Retribution In Blood
  18. Ruins
  19. Serpent's Curse
  20. Storms From The Skies Of Grief
  21. The Depths Of A Black Sea
  22. The Endless Beyond
  23. The Unconquered One
  24. Through The Gates
  25. Whispering Shadows
  26. Wind Of A Dismal Past

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