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Umbra Within

Modern Empire

Umbra Within

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I try to justify this mask I've made my face
Fearing rejection from a bastard dying race
What's called upon a weakened heart
Will surely tear the seams
The reality in futility of believing in our dreams
We bind our hands and blind our eyes
Trying so hard to get by
While desolation calls from our doorstep
Waiting for no reply
We kill an we rape our way, our way to freedom
(For only the strong survive)
But when the day is done, and the graves are dug
Will we be glad to be alive?

Lord, come blind our eyes

The salvation of this nation will fall from the skies
A devil's cry, a blinding light
No time to say goodbye
So call upon your coward's faith, Reprise all the lies
For when heaven comes crashing down,
Who will you answer to then?
I refuse to believe, that this is how it must be
A dying world, a faceless king
A martyr's song for all of the angels to sing

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