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Umbra Within

Hopeless Unknown

Umbra Within

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If I had one more chance
I wouldn't let any of my fears get in the way of these feelings for you
I tried, oh so many times
To get through to you
It was always so perfect in dreams, but a struggle to make come true
I don't know if it means much now
I'd give anything up just to have you around again
I miss you
I feel so alone
(Hopeless Unknown)

Take this ribbon, and fold
Lay it here in the cold
I'm still there, dying alone
No one left to save me

Another call from a friend
As I turn them down, I just want to be left alone
And I feel bad that I don't feel bad at all

Feel so alone
Hopeless unknown

I wish I would have died in your arms, the last night we were together
That way I wouldn't have to go on without you today

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