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Bury Me

Umbra Within

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Bury me in the shallowest grave, so you can find me
When time brings the wind, to fill my lungs again (With you)
Again you'll call my name, and time will stagger on
It will repeat until there is nothing (Nothing)
Chained to this constant desire,
To understand the human heart
A liar's creed to keep my heart beating
The thought that one day everything will be alright
But nothing is ever going to be alright (Nothing, ever)
A heart so failed but pure, a love like no other
Take flight in purity, leave the (slaughtered to the grave)

This is where I beg forgiveness
This is where I offer back,
That which should have never graced my hands

Rotting beneath what could have been
To have this death, this sin
I can honestly count all my good deeds on one hand
So, I wonder what you see in me
What good can shine through shit
Never set a second glance, hell is what I bring
Desperate lover, this is my last confession
For I am not the man I claim to be
I am heartbreak and sorrow, the ever dying tomorrow
I am the lust in greed, but how do you see me?

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