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Ultraviolet Sound

Ultraviolet Sound

Ultraviolet Sound tem o estilo Eletrônica e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Suck My Kiss (tradução)", "Dead On The Dancefloor (tradução)", "Brainwashed".

225 acessos

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  1. 2 Of Hearts (feat. Eletric Valentine)
  2. Babyz
  3. Back To The Future
  4. Blow Up The Radio
  5. Boy Who Would Become A King
  6. Brainwashed
  7. Careless And Free
  8. Dead On The Dancefloor
  9. Dead On The Dancefloor (tradução)
  10. Electric Misfit Love Machine
  11. Everything I Am
  12. Fashionista Bitch
  13. Fuck'd Up
  14. Gimme My Electro
  15. Girl Talk
  16. Hot Hot Riot
  17. La La Love
  18. Love Electric
  19. O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Dancing)
  20. Out Of Control
  21. Physical Mashup
  22. Sexuality
  23. Sick In The Head
  24. Spin Like A DJ
  25. Strawberry Fields Forever
  26. Suck My Kiss
  27. Suck My Kiss (tradução)
  28. Texxxt Bomb (Feat. Jeffree Star)
  29. The Thrill Can Kill
  30. Tiger Heat

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