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Under The Same Sun


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I saw the morning
It was shattered by a gun
Heard a scream, saw him fall
No one cried
I saw a mother
She was praying for her son
Bring him back, let him live
Don't let him die
Do you ever ask yourself,
"is there a heaven in the sky?
Why can't we get it right?
(why can't we stop the fight?")
'Cause we all live under the same sun
We all walk under the same moon, yeah
Then why, why can't we live as one?
I saw the evening
Fading shadows one be one
Watched the lamb
Lay down to sacrifice
I saw the children
The children of the sun
How they wept, how they bled
How they died
Sometimes i think i'm going mad
We're losing all we had
And no one seems to care (yeah)
But in my heart it doesn't change
We've got to rearrange
And bring our world some love
And does it really matter
If there's a heaven up above?
We sure could use some love
'Cause we all live under the same sun
We all walk under ther same moon, yeah
We all live under the same sky
We all look up at the same stars, yeah
Then why, tell me why
Can't we live as one?

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