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Who said that you could go, I'm losing my past
Who said we had to go and learn from our mistakes

oh ooh
That's the way it goes, ah, ha
Whether you like it honey, that's the way it goes, yeah, uh
You take your dirty love, instead you like it

You know that something (unknown lyric) to the love in my eyes
The sun beats down and oh
When your love is down, you look up to the skies
And ohhh, yeah, ohh, oh, ooh, ooh
Yeah (unknown lyric) like it
When you've got to go, you say you've got to go

That's the way it goes, yeah
That's the way I like it, ahh
You don't have to show me, oh, oohhh
'Cos that's the way it goes, yeah, haa

That's the way that's gone and on

Hey, you better make up your mind soon, hey, hey
That's the way it goes, yeah, baby
You can see your baby, you get up and say
If you take your time, let me down then say
It's too late to go, ha
It's too late to go, oh, oohh
It's too late to go now
'Cos you've left it for a very long time

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