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To me she is a beauty queen
I love to watch her on the screen
In our home movies
And when she sings around the house
She's got a voice that knocks me out
She is my favourite singer

But you won't see her on T.V.
Or hear her on the radio
Worldly fame is not her aim
And she's the first to let you know

CHORUS: She wants to be a homemaker
It's her dream to raise a family
And give her love to just one man
And I thank God it's me
I'll never underestimate her
'Cause she could take this word and turn it on
But she takes her love
And makes our house of home

She can't afford to spend her day
In a old soap opera haze
She's much too busy
At night she puts the kids to bed
She's makin' sure their prayers get said
Before she lays down with me

It's plain to see
That she's not seeking glory on this earth
'Cause she believes in honesty
And the joy of giving birth


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