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Outrun The Gun

Words of Hope

Outrun The Gun

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Its a small talk world, but we must go deeper
Forget your inhibitions, be real, be honest with yourself
I feel like a young boy with many temptations
But the lust of the flesh can not have me
And if you're wondering, if there's any question...
Our God is real and He loves you, He's watching your every move
He can save you from whatever it is that binds you and tears you apart

This is where it happens, now is your chance
This is where it happens , you'll never be the same

There's a battle thats gone on for ages and we're fighting in it, we're fighting to win! You can join us, you can be a part of the answer!
Just open your heart to the words of hope, its never too late

If you're searching for answers, He's always listening

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