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Maybe He'll Notice Her Now

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She Wrote, "I Feel Just Like That Painting
Collecting Dust On the Wall,
And Everyday You Walk Right By Me
And Don't Know I'm There At All
And I Can't Think of One Single Reason
Why I Should Be Hanging Around.
She Sounded, "I Hope That You'll Miss Me."
And She Drove Herself Out of Town.

Maybe He'll Notice Her Now
Maybe He'll Open His Eyes
Sometimes It Takes Somebody Leavin'
For a Man to Realize
Maybe He'll Tell Her She's the Only Thing
That He Can't Live Without
And Now That She's Gone
Maybe He'll Notice Her Now.

When He Came Home Late That Evening,
He Called Her Name Down the Hall
He Saw the Outline of the Painting
That Used to Hang There On the Wall
And in It's Place On the Nail Was a Letter
He Read It Out Loud to Himself
Then the Loneliness Began to Take Over
And For Once He Knew Just How She Felt.


He Called Her Up, He Said, "I Have Been Such a Fool."
She Said, "I Will Come Back And, Boy, I Still Love You."


"I'm Coming Home, Maybe You'll Notice Me Know."

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