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O.T. Genasis


O.T. Genasis

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Aye, aye
Aye, aye, aye
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woowell, well what you gon' do
Yeah, you can dress, but you still ain't cute
When I turn, my chain go jingalang
A lot of hoes want to see my ding-a-ling
I got a new outfit and I stay with a Tec
Parmesan, house ranch, I'm ready to drip
Real street nigga, can't do wrong (do wrong)
An unpaid ticket and a Groupon
Fuck your baby mama got no choice
Put her car seat in my Rolls-Royce (skrt)
Some of these hoes got no choice
Meat in her throat that's no voice
I'm rich, I'm lit, a bitch gon' suck this dick
I'm fresh, I'm hood, I look good

I look like Bae
I look like Bae
I look like Bae
I look like Bae
Aye, aye

God damn, God damn (damn)
My outfit look like God playin'
You don't know another nigga that's lit like this
Watch change color when I lift my wrist (bing)
That's a Motel 6, keep on them lights
Take a bitch on a date, fuck her that night
She got a boyfriend like bye nigga (bye, nigga)
Good, I'm tryin' to be your side nigga
I'm handsome (handsome)
I'm fly (fly)
I'm rich (rich)
That guy (guy)
I'm smooth
No lie (lie)
Girl boo, you dry
They say I look good, wanna hear it again
If nobody saw me in it, I'ma wear it again
'Cause I don't give a fuck
I look good, I look good, I look good

I look like Bae
I look like Bae
I look like Bae
I look like Bae

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