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Ordo Equilibrio

Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance. The Gospel Of Aptitude

Ordo Equilibrio

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Salvage is close at band Whispers an idle man,
patiently waiting salvation to come
Aptitude yet unsung gusbing of devildom,
factual salvage but likely for some
Blessing is found in he freedom and clemency,
retches a man in his quest for relief
We are the gods who reap virtues of barren needs,
only the apt are predestined to be

'Christ was of subterfuge; evil disguised for good,
human indulgence must be realized
God was a wicked man forged out of reprimand,
founded to binder abundance to rise
Kingdoms will rise and fall change is the source of all
ruin ensues in the course of renewal
Tears they will fall for me purging the chastity,
aptitude rising by reason of zeal'

Conquest before the fall; Thou can not love them all,
love under will is the whole of the law
Tales of the humankind carved in the heart of time,
failure to learn will resolve in decline
Abstinence is in vain pleasure without restraint,
aptitude gained in convergence with will
God of eternal life save us from all these lies,
rages a man in constraint of denial

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