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Once Dead

The Contract

Once Dead

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Where do we end?
Where do we begin?
Every day we are one step closer to our spirits leaving skin

Our fatal delay
One step away
The day when soul leaves flesh, we have no cards left to play

Morality gone
Death has won
Our choices decide our paths and our gambles have begun

Nothing, peace or pain

Without a soul
Life ends cold
The smell of rotting flesh is all we'll ever know

If spirit is life
And Christ is right
Then all our lives are at the mercy of his might

Death will command
From every man
A choice that leads us to an eternal master plan

Death, life, decide

Sign the Contract (4x)
Sign the Contract - (You will choose)
Sign the Contract - (You will decide)
Sign the Contract - (It's your choice)
Sign the Contract - (It's your life)
Sign the Contract - (Your heart will stop)
Sign the Contract - (Your family cry)
Sign the Contract - (Make your choice)
Sign the Contract - (For you will die)

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