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Odium Nova

Why All This Melancholy?

Odium Nova

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Do you remember angels falling?
As they descended swiftly spinning,
It heralded a new beginning
Why all this melancholy?

...Then a rain
Caressed the desolated plains,
It brought a tide
That rushed towards the hollow coast
Of humankind
To wash the eyes for long so blind,
To clean up minds
And breed a seed of blasphemy...

A road was shown to a denial
With dogmas burning into ashes,
As riots gathered the audacious:
"If angels fall - why cannot I?"

So going on,
We break a way aside from skies,
Unfolded eyes
Light up in freedom ecstasy
We see no sin
In being masters to ourselves,
And in the end
We'll pay for it – or shall we not?

...Do you remember angels falling?
Life blossomed as they hit the ground
Why all this melancholy?
Next will be he who pushed them down.

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