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Odium Nova

Time To Pay

Odium Nova

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Evisceration of your soul
Will make the ailing body burn.
No matter that you had to fall
It matters if you could return!
Don't take a breath and shut your eyes
Once you've escaped the sorrow cold...
An errant step knocks you against
A wall!

You try your best to fight your way
Away from this chaotic strife...
Beware: They are killing you

Avoid the hook and slither forth,
Don't waste your time on looking back
You will be caught up by the pack
When knocking on the heaven's door.
Their rabid laugh is coming nigh,
The countdown has begun...
Watch out for you are the one
To fight!

But what will change, suppose you fail,
Concerning good and evil scale?
It's so rash to burn yourself
To ash!

What happened heretofore!
The scars of days of yore,
But do recall it all when time doth come

To pay
For hatred and for pain,
To play
The marches of decay...
Release the force that spurs your will
To kill!

But who admits his own lie
When self-delusion is enthroned?
Go help them die...
What are you waiting for?!

How hard is it to be yourself
Amidst the kingdom of

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