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Odium Nova

The Threshold

Odium Nova

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Burning the bridges, ignoring the warning,
We step on a road of no return
In a moment it's over, yet no one is mourning
The death of the world giving birth to a nova.

Our fury is fading, obscurity's luring,
Be cured all those once labelled "impure"!
We cannot foresee what we are to endure,
We are the ones we'll never be

Whatever the past shall be lost and forgotten!
Our rotten existence was only a spot
On the canvas of time... We'll be newly begotten
And witness the dawn of catharsis sublime.

We enter the twilight with eyes widely opened
No hope for the better, still we shall not stop
On the way to the top of realities swapping...
For future's unknown, we'll forge it

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