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Odium Nova

Sunset Over Styx

Odium Nova

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...so this shall be death
Distorting, oblivious, stifling and cold.
We enter the ark
And set off on a journey to shatter the world,
Get ready to meet
Thy nightmare till now concealed in the dark
We are to embark
When Sun
Descends into Styx!

Full speed ahead!
We are your damnation forever and aye!
Troops of the dead
We came unexpected, from shadows we rise!
Legions of fate
Depriving of choice, decimating the chance...
You only die once!


Burning in flames,
Bleeding in throe,
Tortured by war that's never been declared...

Children of sin,
Fighting for your
Place in the sun with no ruth to other

Thirsting for gain,
Blinded by vain,
Selling yourself to be the best at any

Midst your self-lies
Have you all thought,
What you shall leave behind when death comes sudden?..

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