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Odium Nova

Private Gehenna

Odium Nova

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Suffering is just another way of self-perception,
A scar-written bible keeping all faults.
You get stuck in a limbo of manic obsession,
Entangled by woes recalled...

How long can you wallow
In grief and despair,
Comparing your rash former words
To those which deceitfully came afterwards?

How deep can you swallow
The scorn of misfortune
As scorching as hell in your head,
Before you forget?

Suffering is just another way of self-destruction,
A ghost of a psycho sharpening his knife.
You get closer to him with every fool action,
Your soul is buried alive...

Exploring the bottomless
Pit of resentment,
Tormenting your reason and sense,
You look for a moment when everything ends,

But it's slipping away,
And you're stabbed in the back,
Attacked by the visions around...
Your bitter remembrance is beating you down

Get. Feel. Keep. Pain. Breed. Hate. DIE.
Let. It. Burn. Self. March to the end. DIE.

The logics are ravelled,
The stakes are all losing,
You have undertaken too much...
Insanity's nigh. Are you feeling its touch?

How far can you travel
Your private Gehenna?
Fake martyr, how long can you grieve,
Before you forgive

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