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Odium Nova

Crypt Of Fatal Truth

Odium Nova

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Feel all your littleness
Facing the grandeur
Of these silent walls...
Is it your way?
Will you be strong?

And if you doubt – take your leave!
There will be others who deserve!
Remember: fear's not a crime
Unless it breaks the holding chain...

Step over the line
For chance won't be given again!
You are on your own.
Stone is deaf – only echo will hear you scream...

Stone is dead.
Enter the Crypt...

...Whoever wondered, devoured by curiosity,
Which malevolent wind had guided me there,
Just saw me shrug my shoulders in unfeigned ignorance...
Many times I've tried to rake up my worn-out memory
In an endless search of answers... Nothing.
Nothing but mirrors.
Unconcerned with the visions from the Past,
As well as the Present or the Future,
I left Three of them behind,
Deliberately throwing myself into the vortex of the Fourth.
Time seemed to have stopped
Singing like a string at the breaking point,
While I squirmed in the cobweb of Truth
Longing to perceive my real self...
I gazed into darkness, and suddenly I beheld two burning eyes,
Scornfully gazing into me...
I've been trying to recall the rest since then,
But every time
It hurts...

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