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The Dragon's Story


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There is the story
Which came with the wind
The grass was whispering
The trees were singing
Describing what happened
Long time ago

It's about the Dragon
And the Landlord
Who searched for water
While the draught

Mankind came across
Mystic creatures

It was a summer day
The castle well was dry
The Sun the king of fire
Was burning from the sky
The Landlord was waiting
For the night coolness to come

He took his spade
And went to the backyard
To search the underworld
Of his beloved home

He searched for water
Praying for the rain

Right at midnight
A beam of moonlight
Touched the bottom
Of the hole he dug

Oh incredible, how it shone

There was a pile of gold
There were shiny diamonds

He screamed »This beauty will be mine«

He forgot the water
He forgot the fields
He forgot his horses
He forgot his family

There was more of
Everything a heart can desire
More of everything
Than a heart can desire

He screamed »This beauty will be mine«

Oh dream on
You don't need the gold
And I guard it with my life
Bad times are coming, you know
You'll need a warior like me
Control your intentions

There was a dragon in the pit
Guarding the heart of Mother Earth

The Landlord conquered his own greed
He became aware of who he was indee

He recognized the kernel of his own fortune
He realized that he was another guardian
Mankind joined the army of the Lord
Perfection of the power was shown through the storm

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