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L.G. Wise

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(feat. Future)

[L.G. Wise]
Yo Platinum, the whole world gon' feel you on this one
But I need Bebe and Cece, ha ha
Maybe on the remix tho', you know?
My man, Reeg, anybody that we miss wit 'chu up there, you know?
My aunties, grannies, and anybody
It's heaven y'all, it's heaven

[Verse One]
Some things'll never change when you're hurt the same pain
Think a different thought, but it's still the same brain
I know I'm, spittin' ridiculous, I'm hopin' that you're getting' this
Thinkin' 'bout the pearly gates and God while I'm writin' this
Bars tighter than cells, flows hotter than [hell]
The longer that you wait might be too late to prevail
A lot of rappers yappin' about it, don't know what it really takes
E'rybody wanna go to a better place
Thugs wanna know if there's a heaven for a G
and if you really wanna know, then bow your heads and follow me
No thugs, pimps, and Gs' is getting' in there
I ain't tryna judge you tho', I hope I'm makin' it clear
You could be a ex-thug, ex-pimp, ex-G
and if you repent for your sins, congratulations, follow me
Heaven is for a place of Nu Breed, new seed
If you still wonder tho', c'mon, follow me!

[Chorus: singers]
It's what I liiiive for
A place where love will nev-eeer cease
Willing to diiiiiie fooor
Heaven is where I wa-nnaa be

[Verse Two]
Your temp is like a hearse, so put it back in reverse
No mo' shootin', killin' people 'cause these families hurt
Get these daddies offa crack, so they can go back to work
And think again before you think about snatchin' a purse
Ain't got a dolla to your name, but thank it coulda been worse
And think about all these prisons, no priorities first
And they locked behind the bars, and don't get paid for they work
Hard times finally happened, realize what it's worth
Some things never change, so that hustles pop and God's killin'
gotta stop, no more cryin' on the blocks
You can keep sellin' rocks and when you die, don't go
Gotta change to follow Christ, if you really gon' go
Sippin' that Dom P, thinkin' it's the harm we -
gotta put it down, if heaven's where you gon' be!
..what else can I say? Heaven


[Verse Three: Future]
And I've been stuck in this flesh for oh-so long
Have you tryna do right, but it sometime go wrong
And I know life is short, but it just feels so long
I'm like E.T. out this beast, just wanna go home, uh
'Cause life and this drama, sometime I don't wanna bother
I really miss my grandma, I don't wanna be with my father
Could do with these haters, they -- wishin' a brother
Could do without these saints, they well-wishin' they bothers
Sick 'n tired of folks treatin' me like they my father
Why bother? I wanna go home wit 'chu
I wanna bow with the feet of the throne that You
Walk streets, paved the gold wit' you
And I really think the same-ol'-same could get over too
I know this much, but You could show me too
Just wanna touch you pastors so much
Half is hafta to grabs, can't wait to get home with you

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