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Kenny Lattimore

Just What It Takes

Kenny Lattimore

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Just another story of the lost and lonely
Stuck right in the middle of two broken hearts
Even though you want to have who loves you only
You're afraid to give yourself another start

You deserve better
Girl if you let me

I'll be your everything
I'll give what you need

So think it over
Soon you'll discover

To make the perfect situation what you need is me

I've got just what it takes
Don't be afraid

Can't wait til the day that you will stand beside me
Taking full advantage of my broken heart
I've got a love that's not so much demanding
Just keeps right on giving till it fills you up

I'm gonna hold you
Let me console you

Girl when you're feeling low
I'll be your place to go

So heres my offer
Comes with a lifetime guarantee

From now on lonely nights till be all made history
Cause you've got me


Chase your tears away
Bring you out when you're down
Erase the pain
Now that I'm around, cause


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