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Who Shot Candy Warhol

Lady Gaga

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Where is it?!
Where is it Candy?! Candy!

Candy Warhol (Lady GaGa):
Ate it

Yes I Don't Believe You.

Candy Warhol (Lady GaGa):
Look For Yourself. Pop Ate My Heart.

I See!

Candy Warhol (Lady GaGa):
He Downed The Whole Thing In One Efficient Gulp.. Like A Beautiful Monster and Took Off intoo The City.

Oh, Candy!

Candy Warhol (Lady GaGa):
and Now I Just Feel, I Feel Soo...


Candy Warhol (Lady GaGa):
Noo, Noo,


Candy Warhol (Lady GaGa):
Free. I Feel Free!!
I Need More, To Feed My Pop Heart!

Give Me More!
I Love; The Future/Gaga, Fashion, Technology, Dance, New York, Music, Pop Culture!
I Want The Fame
I Can't Hear You!!

Can You Hear Me?!
Polution is Coming
And I Want,
What What We Want, You Deserve The Future

My Name iis Lady Gaga
And This is My Haus!!...

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