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Lace Labor

My Worst Fears

Lace Labor

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Nothing is sacred.
I have learned this well!

You should hate me for the things I've done to you.
I'd believe you, if you said that it's true.
I've been gone so long, I think I've lost myself.
When there was no where left to go, there was only you to trust.

My mind is dying. I scream and no one hears.
I am locked up and tied down, and now I'm facing my worst fears.

One lesson learned in life, no secret is safe.
Eyes are watching everywhere seeing everything.
I check the mirror to make sure I'm not human.
I'll be better when my soul rots away.

I'm standing eye to eye with the worst of them all.
His breath is cold and his eyes are grey and he looks just like me.

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